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Action on improper SWP behaviour

SWP could run incorrectly if binary files of sets contains incorrect data. This may be result of user mistake or program interruption because on hardware failure or manually. The last created file could be incorrect.

Set generation (for example, correlation function calculation) could take significant time. If SWP founds that file of this set do exists (already generated by this script or its previous run or by another script) it won't be re-created and no calculation would be performed..

  • First of all, resulting files contains an information that could be correctly read only on the same computer from the same OS and same SWP version it was generated. No protection and cross-platform data transfering is performed.
  • Secondly, SWP doesn't try to check weather this file was generated by SWP at all or not.
  • Thirdly, if SWP execution was interrupted, the last set file could be incomplete.

Script syntax error could not result this problem. SWP bug could although.

On suspicion of incorrect file (or files) it should be deleted. Usually it is last generated file(s). Sort files in directory by creation time to find them.

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