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17.07.2014: SWP 0.8 beta is out. A lot of new features and fixes. Also since now all actual documentation is available on this Wiki only.

02.12.2012: SWP 0.7.1 beta released. Some new features added and a various bugs fixed.

02.09.2012: SWP 0.7 beta released. Some important new features added and a various bugs fixed.

19.05.2012: SWP 0.6.2 beta released. A lot of bugs fixed.

07.02.2012: SWP 0.6 beta released. Now SWP support plugins. BE CAREFUL! Now SWP is not released as single file static executable, release consist of executable and several shared libraries. However we do provide Fedora RPM binaries and Windows Installer. See INSTALL and COMPILE files for more details.

15.12.2011: SWP 0.52 alpha released

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