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Join to SWP developing

  • SWP is an opensource software. Everyone could change it code under terms of GNU GPL version 3.0 or later. Modified code have to be distributed under terms of this license. You could distribute modified program as a separate project (by suppling copyright of source project SWP as writen in COPYRIGHT file). However we are looking forward for your fixes and expanding features of SWP and hope that it would be able to make program better.
  • We have plan to develop SWP and need your help to make it real very much, but we are also open for your ideas and suggestions.
  • Contact us via e-mail: swpproject at and suggest what you could do.

Writing an SWP Documentation

  • Take a part in writing, fixing and expanding this WIKI and it's Russian version. We are also waiting for suggestions to translate the WIKI to other languages.

Report BUGS

  • You may help project by donating to any of following way.
Webmoney (WMR): R172169092447
Yandex: 410011165549040

Thank you very much for helping!

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