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To compile SWP you need Code::Blocks and C++ compiler.


Code::Blocks IDE

One may download latest Code::Blocks IDE version from official website.


Download Code::Blocks installed and execute it. You may use Code::Blocks and MinGW bundle, but we recommend you to use latest version of MinGW compiler. MinGW toolchains (including 64-bit versions), used by author might be downloaded from here.


Linux users may find Code::Blocks in their distributive repositories:

  • Fedora
yum install codeblocks codeblocks-contrib

Alternative way

You may use tool to get make files from Code::Blocks projects cbp2make.

MinGW Toolchains (C++ compiler for Windows)

At this site MinGW (GNU GCC) Compiler ToolChains might be found. It lets to compile 64-bit and 32-bit applications for Windows.

To make 64-bit applications use Mingw-w64 (x64) ToolChain.

To make 32-bit applications use Mingw-w32 (i686) ToolChain or supplied to Code::Blocks.

You may also use Windows Code::Blocks version with MinGW Toolchains under Wine to make Windows executables under Windows.

Compiling order

File COMPILE in source code archive contains info on projects and build targets.

Project compile order is following:

  • swplib
  • swpmain
  • swpcosmo (if required)
  • swp
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